How to Have the Best Dates

Asking someone out on a date is difficult enough, but the real challenge begins with figuring out where to take them.

You obviously want to impress them; otherwise you wouldn’t have asked them out in the first place, but is dinner-and-a-movie really the best idea?

Read on to learn some tips for the best date ideas, which are guaranteed to show both you and your date a great time.

Forego the movies: The whole point of a first date is to get to know another person, and movies don’t lend themselves to that. Movies are a form of escapism to take you away from real life. That is not what you want at that moment. You should be getting to know your date.

Besides the lack of communication, movies are typical. You want to show her that you’re different from every other guy she’s dated. Almost everyone that goes on a date would have done this some time or another.

Be practical: Although you want to make things interesting, you don’t want to be making things too complicated on your date or contrary to common sense. If you have a spare bike, go bike riding at the park, only if it is sunny.

Don’t take her for a walk if it’s near freezing outside. And if she’s a girly-girl, wait until you get to know her better before taking her hiking.

Stick to what you know: If the two of you appreciate local music, take her to a concert. If you know she loves horses, why not arrange a riding session? She’ll be touched that you thought of her.

This is where it helps that you have been paying attention to what she has been saying. You are showing interests with the things that she likes.

Ask her: Don’t be shy, and just ask her what she’d like to do. If she’s like most girls, she’ll tell you she doesn’t care, so have a few aces up your sleeve as suggestions.

You would have given her the opportunity to have a say where the date goes.

Join the crowd: Concerts or sporting events make for the best first dates. Not only is the air already fueled with excitement, but the action makes for excellent conversation.

Your date will be sure to see your fun side, and she’ll have fun as well. It also gives you an opportunity to be close to your date when you are talking due to the noise at the concert or cheering crowd.

The best date ideas stem from a fun environment that lends itself to conversation. If you can show a girl a good time and get to know her in the process, you can be certain of a second date. And the most important thing is to have fun!